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It is mutually agreed...

Standard Workmanship Guarantee
  1. You shall notify The Glass Block Place in advance when the premises will be ready for the installation or erection of the material, and shall put and keep all surfaces to which the material is to be applied in a condition satisfactory to The Glass Block Place so that the work to be done under this proposal can be started promptly and once begun may be prosecuted to completion without delay.

  2. Without charge, you will allow The Glass Block Place the use of such facilities (elevator, etc.) as may be available for handling the materials: and furnish The Glass Block Place all electric power, electric lights, heat and water required.

  3. Delay or failure to perform this contract in accordance with its term shall be excused by (a) sabotage, fire, flood, differences with workmen, riot, insurrection, war, act of any government or agency thereof, shortage of raw material, inability to meet current sales requirements, act of God, or (b) any causes beyond the control of The Glass Block Place.

  4. The Glass Block Place guarantees that all materials furnished under this proposal shall be good quality, and that the work shall be done in a neat and workmanlike manner.

  5. This proposal is acceptance only and does not constitute a contract until, after your acceptance, it is approved by a representative of The Glass Block Place, and is subject to change or withdrawal at any time, either before or after your acceptance, until so approved.

  6. If the work is interrupted or its completion delayed by you for sixty (60) days, payment to cover all labor furnished, erected or installed shall become due and payable forthwith.

Standard One Year Warranty
  1. The Glass Block Place further agrees and reserved the right to replace or repair any defects which are properly chargeable to material or workmanship furnished by it provided you bring such defects to the attention of The Glass Block Place in writing within one year after the completion of the work, but The Glass Block Place shall not be responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from such defects, and, you agree in case any defects appears and notice thereof is given to The Glass Block Place, to remove and replace without any cost to The Glass Block Place all fixtures attached to the surface to be repaired and to put the premises in such condition that The Glass Block Place may replace or make the necessary repairs without delay.

  2. There are no promises, agreements, or understandings not expressed in this proposal.

Limited Five Year Warranty
  1. The Glass Block Place warrants all of our On Site Glass Block Installs for a period of five years. The Glass Block Place will repair any defective glass block products for systems that result in defective workmanship in the fabrication, both visual and technical and in the performance and seal of fabricated product. This warranty is limited to the fabrication and product supplied by The Glass Block Place and excludes failure due to faulty installation by anyone other than The Glass Block Place.

  2. Proof of purchase in question will be required. The Glass Block Place will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages relating to your purchase or use of The Glass Block Place fabricated products.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
  1. The Glass Block Place hereby for the life of the product, guarantees any and all glass block sold to buyer against defects in materials and workmanship. The glass block sold to buyer shall not fog or allow moisture through. In the event glass block is determined to be defective in material or workmanship or due to the installation by The Glass Block Place, then any such detective material shall be repaired/replaced without cost to the buyer. Further, in the event glass block becomes broken, for any reason including owner's negligence, The Glass Block Place shall repair/replace two glass blocks at no cost to buyer.

  2. The Glass Block Place guarantees any and all mortar used in the fabrication and installation for the product. Further, it shall not leak air or water for a period of twenty-five years.

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