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The Glass Block Place, Inc. guarantees you the best product at the lowest price.
Our Service is second to none.

Repackaging: There will be a $4.00 repackaging fee on any orders requiring repackaging

  1. All prices are F.O.B. The Glass Block Place, Inc. Charleston, West Virginia

  2. Terms of sale: Please refer to your invoice for specific payment terms.

  3. Amounts unpaid are past due and will incur a finance charge of 1.5% per month, a minimum of $1.00 (approximate annual percentage rate of 18%). Finance charges are compounded monthly.

  4. All payments apply first to accrued finance charges, the to costs, expenses, penalties, attorney fees and costs of collections, then to oldest past due invoice.

  5. Customer agrees to pay any and all costs of collection due to the failure to pay in accordance with the terms of the invoice including finance charges, service of process fees, costs of suit, and reasonable attorneys' fees.

  6. Seller will not be responsible for delays occasioned by strikes, fire, accidents, transportation companies or other causes beyond our control.

  7. An order shall not be cancelled except by mutual consent. Seller is not required to consent of cancellation if Seller agreed to purchase the goods from a supplier who fails or refuses to cancel the order or if order has already been produced at the request of the Buyer. Cancelled orders are subject to a 50% non-refundable deposit on pre manufactured panels and non stocking vinyl flanged windows.

  8. Only normal inventory goods can be returned for credit. Credit is issued to purchaser only in the amount of the invoice price of the goods less a minimum 15% return charge as determined by Seller. No credit is allowed (a) for damaged merchandise or (b) unless accompanied by invoice number. Special order goods require a 50% deposit prior to being ordered, and cannot be returned unless prior arrangements are with the manufacturer and pursuant to the manufacturer's return charge policy.

  9. Claims for shortage or damage are not allowed unless make at time of deliver and or pick up. If shipment is F.O.B Buyer, then Buyer shall resolve all claims for shortage or damage directly with carrier unless Buyer requests, in writing, Seller to assist in claim resolution. All other claims are waived by Buyer unless Buyer notifies Seller within ten days after delivery of goods. Shortage claims must be accompanied by written statement of transportation agents. Goods must be held intact at destination until inspection and settlement.

  10. All orders being shipped via Freight Carrier will be Prepaid & Add. The carrier will be up to the discretion of The Glass Block Place, Inc., unless shipping freight collect or third party billing per customer's request. Items shipped via our truck or freight carrier cannot be left without a signature by the customer. If delivery cannot be made by the shipper on the first attempt, extra charges may be added.

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