The Classic


1  Classic Shower Base, 48 inch x 48 inch
60  8 inch x 8 inch x 4 inch Glass Blocks
10  6 inch x 8 inch x 4 inch EndBlock Units
10  8 inch HEDRON Corner Blocks
1  ProVantage Classic Spacer Pack which includes the following:
20  pcs. HEDRON Flat Vertical Spacers
10  pcs. HEDRON Horizontal Spacers (9 whole spacers and 1 half spacer)
10  pcs. 12 7/8 inch Horizontal Spacers cut to fit EndBlock Shape
60  pcs. 71/2 inch Vertical Spacers
10  pcs. 39 1/8 inch Horizontal Spacers
2  pkgs. Anchor Pack
1  Bucket ProVantage Glass Block Surface Grout
1  Chrome Shower Drain
1  Pivot Shower Door
Shower Door Installation Kit
12  Tubes Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Sealant
1  Bottle TGR Grout Sealer
Installation Instructions


Base Patterns



Block Colors

Decora® Pattern

With its trademark wavy undulations, provides maximum light transmission with subtle visual distortion

IceScapes® Non-Directional Pattern

Lets light in without sacrificing privacy. Maximum light transmission with a maximum degree of privacy



Doors & Glass