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Aluminum Window Frames
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The Aluminum Glass Block Grid System combines a strong, lightweight aluminum frame with glass block and weatherproof sealant, to provide cost-effective glass block installation without mortar. Applications of the 1BP Grid System arc limited only by the imagination. Over ninety thousand successful installations worldwide include windows, store fronts, curtain walls, mosaics, shower enclosures, retail displays, signage, furniture, and sun spaces.

Installation: IBF grid assemblies are available in many standard sizes, and can be custom manufactured to meet your specifications. Installers simply nail or screw the grid into place. Glass block are inserted into a one- piece vinyl boot”, then placed into the grid and sealed. A frame can he assembled and installed either by professionals or by do-it-yourselfers.

Durability: The Aluminum Grid System, unlike mortar installations, allows both for building movement and for expansion/contraction of glass block and surrounding materials. The result is a glass block installation that retains its beauty and integrity over time.

Appearance: Gray mortar joints tend to limit the aesthetic appeal of traditional glass block installations. Aluminum assemblies replace the mortar look with a variety of grid colors

which harmonize well with any building design. A wide array of Trimline glass block patterns and colors add further design choices.

Sound Transmissions: Traditional windows and skylights transmit more than light. They also transmit or possibly amplify sounds from raindrops, hailstones, traffic, and aircraft. When the Aluminum Glass Block Grid System is utilized, sounds are subdued and muted by the mass of the block. Light passes freely, but sound doesn’t.

Security: The Aluminum Grid System offers the same advantage as security bars, making it one of the most secure components of any building structure. If blocks are broken and removed, the grid system performs like burglar bars and impedes entry.

Versatility: With the Aluminum Grid System, it’s easy to achieve a new effect simply by replacing existing glass block with a new pattern or color. Again, this replacement process takes only minutes and requires no special tools or labor.

Insulation: The Aluminum Glass Block Grid System offers greater insulation than a traditional glass block installation. Additionally, this system has an air and water infiltration rate of 0.00.

Repair: To replace a damaged block simply cut away the sealant, remove the block from the grid, insert the new block, and reseal. Ski]led labor and special tools aren’t required, and the repair process takes only a few minutes. To replace a damaged block in a mortar installation, a skilled mason must carefully chip out the mortar and replace the block. When the new mortar dries, it may or may not match the existing mortar.

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