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8x6 & 6x6
Fabricated Panel Windows

     We also offer Fabricated Panels in block sizes of 8x6 and 6x6.

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Fabricated Panel Windows
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  Single Pane Window - 1/8" Flat Sheet Pittsburgh Corning Mortared Glass Block Window
Energy Efficiency: Miminal insulating value. Comparable to a double pane window. Eliminates drafts.
Window Treatment: Needed to control privacy; thus adding extra costs. No need. Privacy controlled by pattern selection.
Security: Susceptible to breakage, entry and loss of household contents. Deters breakage and entry. Reduces the risk of burglary.
Maintenance: Dependent upon framing selection. No maintenance.
Replacement: Breakage requires replacement of whole window. Simple individual block replacement.
Water Penetration: Could be problem with below-grade installation. Water resistant. Acts as a solid concrete block wall.
Cost: Windows made with Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block are often less expensive. Check with your local distributor. Very comparable or less expensive.

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